Major Tech 1500V DC Solar Clamp Meter

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The Major Tech 1500V DC Solar Clamp Meter is the perfect tool for accurately and reliably measuring AC+DC TRMS Voltage, current, capacitance and temperature. Its 6000 count 2.4” TFT Colour LCD display is easy to read and enables Inrush Current Measurement, Logging function with Trend Capture, NCV – Non-Contact Voltage Detector, and Max, Min and Average with Time Stamp. Its Ø37mm Cable Clamp size, up to 1500V DC voltage, up to 1000V AC voltage, up to 100mF capacitance and -40°C to 1000°C temperature measurement make it an ideal choice for solar maintenance. Plus, with a built-in flashlight and optional MT740 flexible coil clamp for measurement to 3000A AC, this meter is essential for fieldwork.