Major Tech 1000A AC/DC TRMS Clamp Meter with Bluetooth MT777

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The MT777 is a 1000A AC/DC TRMS Bluetooth Clamp Meter with an analogue bargraph indication on a TFT colour display, providing fast sampling time with high accuracy. The meter has a built in Data logger with 100 Graph Data review, using Bluetooth, the meter wirelessly transmits data to the Android or iOS mobile App allowing the user to view, save, organise and share recordings. The VFD function allows the user to measure stable voltage in high frequency applications, while the Low Z range function has a low pass filter to eliminate errors caused by “Ghost” voltages. The 100ms Inrush current detects starting up currents of electric motors, input surge current, or switch-on surge currents, this is the maximum instantaneous input current drawn by an electrical device when first turned on. The meter measures 1000V AC/DC, temperature, frequency, capacitance and resistance measurements plus Peak Hold. Using the optional MT740 True RMS Flexible Clamp Adaptor, the measuring range can be extended to measure 3000A AC. Added features is Non-Contact voltage detection, data hold function and a built-in flashlight for dimly lit areas.

  • 6000 count TFT colour LCD display
  • Ø33mm Cable Clamp size
  • Measurement of AC, AC+DC TRMS and DC voltage up to 1000V
  • Capacitance to 100mF
  • Temperature measurement from -40⁰C to 1000⁰C
  • Trend Capture Function
  • 100 Graph Data Review
  • INRUSH Current Measurements
  • 3000A range for optional MT740 Flex Clamp Adaptor
  • VFD – Variable Frequency Drive voltage value
  • LoZ – Low impedance mode prevents false readings due to “Ghost” voltage
  • NCV – Non-Contact Voltage Detector
  • Continuity buzzer and Diode Test
  • Peak Mode, Min/Max and Data Hold function
  • Built-in Flashlight and Auto Power Off