Major Tech Phase Rotation Meter

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The MT930 is a sleek and portable Phase Rotation indicator designed for convenience. Featuring a spacious LCD display, it provides clear and precise indications of phase presence and rotation. When connected to a 3-phase power system, this meter efficiently displays the phase sequence through corresponding symbols on its LCD screen, accompanied by arrows indicating clockwise or anti-clockwise direction for rotation. The MT930 operates seamlessly within a voltage range of 40V AC to 850V AC. Encased in a modern IP40 double moulded rubber housing, it boasts a sturdy and rugged design, making it ideal for heavy-duty usage.

  • Large LCD Display
  • Phase rotation indication
  • 3-Phase Indication
  • Checks phase sequence and open phase simultaneously
  • Double injection rubber housing
  • Small lightweight and portable
  • Can measure a wide range of 3-phase power source from 40V to 850V AC
  • Large size crocodile clips