Sterigent Sterilising Solution

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Sterigent is a concentrated, versatile liquid disinfectant cleaner having excellent cleaning and deodorizing properties.
It has been specially formulated so that when used as directed it will not harm non-porous hard environmental surfaces.

Sterigent is a bactericide and has been tested against:
Pseudomonas aeruginosa, E Coli &, Staphylococcus aureus

Results of this testing show Sterigent to be an excellent bactericide at:
23mls Sterigent to 1L of water, a 1:43 dilution. (Test method and test report from the SABS available upon request)

Sterigent deodorizes, disinfects, kills germs fast & is economical & non flammable.


To clean and disinfect walls, floors and other hard environmental surfaces, make a disinfectant/cleaner solution of 20 – 30mls of Sterigent per litre of water. Apply this solution with a mop, cloth or sprayer. Contact time 5 minutes minimum.


To reduce bacterial counts to a safe level on food contact surfaces first clean the area with a solution of 23mls Sterigent per litre of water. Then sanitise with a solution of 5mls Sterigent per litre of water. Apply this solution with a mop, cloth or sprayer or use as a dip. Food contact surfaces must be rinsed with potable water prior to re-use.


QAC and biodegradable detergents.


Is a liquid concentrate

Clear in colour

SG: 1.013 @ 25°C

pH concentrate 11.2 – 12.0

Flash point: none

Solvents: none

Miscibility: complete in all proportions with hot or cold water

Stability: one year under normal storage conditions

Freezes and thaws with perfect clarity