Thermamax TIG Welder Inverter DC High Freq 180Amp 220v

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TIG200 Inverter High Frequency

The Thermamax TIG200 Inverter is a lightweight, compact and portable high frequency TIG welder and has been manufactured with advanced IGBT Inverter Technology.  It is user-friendly and technically advanced machine that maximizes efficiency with less energy consumption and lower noise output.  This inverter has a multi-functional front panel that allows for a user-friendly interface for the welder, with a current regulation knob, post-flow knob, fault and digital current meter.

Overall, the Thermamax TIG200 is a highly efficient multi-process inverter that is able to do both TIG and MMA/ARC welding.  It is able to maintain a constant and stable current, and does not fluctuate according to the length of the arc.  It also comes with a 3-year conditional warrantee.