Zinc IT Instant cold Galv spray 500ml CRC 30563

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Cathodic protection, even for damaged galvanised parts. Zinc based coating with excellent adhesion to metal surfaces. The high zinc content is sacrificed during the corrosion process and so provides a galvanic protection of the treated metal. The dry coating contains a maximum amount of zinc (purity 98%), ensuring a self-healing effect when the coating gets scratched. The dry coating is matt and has an excellent surface structure to be painted.


  • For general use in all situations where clean and degreased metal surfaces need to be protected against corrosion
  • Car body repair
  • Trailers & caravans
  • Ships
  • Harbour installations
  • Fencing
  • Structural steel
  • Railroad equipment
  • Roof guard rails
  • Steel cables
  • Storage tanks
  • Welding seams and rivet holes
  • Repair of galvanised parts